"We have used the services of You Select Recruitment several times over the last 2 years now. Leeann has had good ideas about the wording for the ads and been creative with different ways to advertise. When Leeann has taken calls from applicants she has made sure she has a good understanding of what our requirements are and shifts available which saves so much time as you are only interviewing suitable applicants. Leeann has given us progress reports and returned calls and emails promptly. I also like the idea of being able to pick which parts of the process we are prepared to do and which parts we would prefer Leeann to do.

We have been very happy with the service we have received from You Select Recruitment and will continue to use and recommend the service."

Rosie and Andy, Family

"I am delighted to provide a letter of support for Leeann and the team at You Select Recruitment.

We have recently used their services to recruit a Community Linking team for a young woman in Brisbane, this was very successful and we have been able to employ three wonderful team members, all through You Select.

I have been impressed by the professionalism and communication received from Leeann, providing regular updates and monitoring how things were going.

It is always a challenge recruiting team members with just the skills and value-base we require, this process was made simple by You Select and the procedures they implement. Leeann and the team were very good at listening to our needs and responding accordingly. Each person shortlisted was excellent.

I would recommend You Select Recruitment to anyone needing assistance to recruit good staff, the process was made so much easier than when I do it myself! It is well worth the money."

Angie Elmes - Manager, Staff Connections Pty Ltd

"Leeann is known to me as a parent, an advocate and supporter of people with disability. Whenever I have needed someone to fill a position as support worker, I have contacted Leeann and I have been truly impressed by her swift responses, her keen perception about the candidate she interviews, and her recommendations. I have found some very good workers through YouSelect Recruitment and have not encountered any problems.

I heartily recommend YouSelect Recruitment. Leeann is a treasure!"

Michelle, Parent

"Thanks for such prompt help. Also wanted to let you know - the previous position vacant that you helped us with has worked out beautifully - they have trained up quickly from no experience, is a loving person, very quickly gained our confidence, and we are happy and relaxed again!

We really appreciated your advice to look again at the rejected pile when it seemed as if we weren't coming up with the right person."

Cheryl, Key Worker

"Thank you so much for all of the hard work you did to recruit a team for our new support arrangement. We had such a short time to get a large team in place and I am so grateful for your incredible efficiency in recruiting in such a short space of time. I'm also thrilled with the quality of staff you found for us and it was great to be able to pick the best of the best from that group.

We have really appreciated your efforts and working with you has been a treat!"

Blair, Service Manager, Brisbane & North Coast, Staffing OptionS

"I have used Leeann and You Select Recruitment on several occasions now to assist with recruitment. We have given Leeann details of the position and the qualities we are looking for in support workers and she has been amazing in sourcing not so traditional advertising options, placing the ads, screening applicants, and then following up on the reference checks.

She has saved me so much time which I have been able to better use in other areas for the people I support.

I have found her professional and to be very switched on to the type of support workers we seek."

Susan, Key Worker