Price Guide - September 2017 (*prices exclusive of GST)

Tailored and flexible Consultancy to what works best for you.
Affordable hourly rate with fortnightly invoicing, assisting you to keep within budget.




Conducting your own recruitment and need some expert guidance and support - You Select can offer you Consultancy assistance. You Select is proactive in staying up-to-date and well informed of best practise in a variety of recruitment topics including;

  • Ebb and flow of Job seeker market and current Job seeker desires
  • Advertising options
  • Shortlisting techniques
  • On-boarding techniques
  • Staff management
  • Technology to streamline your recruitment, on-boarding and retention

We do this by reading reports/blogs/articles/magazines, attending seminars and webinars from a multitude of sources in the human resource field. We do this so you don't have to. You Select will be an invaluable resource bringing trusted and expert advice to your individual situation.

This will enable you to identify and strengthen your own skills and capabilities, understand the constraints and trends on recruiting in this industry in Australia, and adapt to industry best practice - providing you with a solid foundation for finding, maintaining, and retaining a great support team.

You Select is a member of Australian HR Institute (AHRI) Australia's national association representing human resource and people management professionals.

Book your Consultancy to discuss and review your situation at any time. Consultancy can be provided via a combination of phone, email, skype, and face to face meeting where possible. (minimum 2 hours).

Hourly $ 75*
Individualised recruitment plan

  • Expert advice in creating individualised solutions to find, manage and retain great staff
  • Job profiling (with you) to format your individualised recruitment plan and processes;
    • Role description: duties, hours, location
    • Worker criteria: hard & soft skills to suit you & your existing team cultural fit
    • Background info: about you to make your advert personalised and eye-catching

  • Professional and compelling advert that makes your position stand out
  • Up to 3 re-drafts of your advert (Advert is yours to keep for the future)
  • Detailed Information (including cost structure) on the diversity of advertising options available
  • Recommended advertising options aimed at best candidate sourcing for your role
  • Administration set up of your file so all information is retained for future use

From $ 150*
Advert redevelopment * for existing clients

  • Edit your previous advert to suit current position
  • Review your previous advertising strategy, recommend alternative advertising due to;
    • Time of year and current Job Seeker market
    • New advertising mediums available, any changes to existing advertising boards
    • New Role and worker criteria

From $ 40*

Online advert placement * excludes advertising costs

  • Post your advert on any chosen online advertising medium(s)
  • Edit advert to provide best possible exposure to job seekers (based on online board advert display mechanisms)

Each $ 30*
Newspaper advert placements * excludes advertising costs

  • Emails / phone calls to Newspaper to request proof and price for advert
  • Proof read and organise any changes required to adverted
  • Advise final approval of advert
  • Where applicable edit any online advertising provided by newspaper

Each $ 55*
Reviewing applications

  • Phone and email enquiries from job seekers

Review and assess applications against your role and worker criteria
  • Hard criteria e.g.
    • Job seeker location, driver's license and vehicle, any qualifications (First aid, CPR, Certificates etc) or criminal history check required
  • Soft criteria e.g.
    • Genuine interest in role and hours, longevity in previous roles, similar hobbies and interests to yourself, or any potential red flags.

Reviewing applications is conducted a variety of ways;
  • Scrutinising resumes, cover letters and online application forms
  • Contacting applicants for further clarification or documentation

A detailed report categorising and summarising shortlisted applicants is provided to you;
  • Saving you receiving voluminous unwanted applications
  • You peruse the summary report, identify which applicants you would like to assess in more detail, You Select will then email you the selected applicants full documentation

Your shortlisted applicant's details, documents and any notes are kept on the You Select database for future reference. Great for identifying applicants who didn't return a phone call or turn up for an interview 5 years ago!

Hourly $ 75*
Reference checks

  • You Select conducts verbal reference checks with referees. Verbal reference checks provide an opportunity to probe a little deeper and individualise the reference check if required than an email reference check
  • Detailed report provided
  • Verify candidate work history and confirm information provided by the candidate
  • Work Performance based questions
  • Ascertain soft skills and personality traits of the candidate to assist in determining a fit with the role and culture of your existing team
  • Identify any relevant information that may assist you to successfully on-board your new worker!

Each $ 45*
Shortlisting applicants

Today's current online boards make it very easy to apply for positions - many job seekers think it is a numbers game and often apply for multiple positions without really looking at the job details or requirements, the result being that often many of your applicants will not meet the criteria listed in your advert.

Further shortlisting options can assist you to determine a deeper potential of an applicant's suitability and save you wasting considerable time on face to face interviews.

Below are some of the strategies that can be used to shortlist your applicants

Short Phone interview ($35* each) Report provided
  • A quick check to confirm applicant's:
    • Location of applicant, reasons for applying for position
    • Ability to do the hours advertised and reasons why those hours suit them
    • Ascertain applicant's communication capability
    • Whether they have their own transportation
    • Availability for face to face interview

Long Phone interview ($55* each) Report provided
  • Short phone interview questions plus:
    • Further probing around applicant's values and belief systems of what a good or ordinary life for a person with a disability might be like.
    • Deeper discussion about Individual (or family) self-directing
    • Any requirements specific to your role (allergy to pets, applicant's hobbies)

Online Application Form ($150* each)
  • Set up online cloud based account in your name with a suitable platform
  • Ability to log in, either yourself, key worker, or You Select
  • Create template of Individualised questions which applicants answer to apply for your specific role
  • Great option when job seeker numbers and applications are high
  • Online form can be kept and reused or edited/adapted easily in the future

Hourly $ 75*