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Kathleen Wozniak

I've been working with people with disabilities for 20 years. And for the last 10 years working more specifically in a financial role managing budgets and packages with more than 200 individuals and families to assist them to gain maximum benefit and flexibility from their funding.


Made to Measure Services

We make a difference by assisting the support-givers and the self-managed individual, helping them bring order to their lives and in doing so allowing them to focus on delivering a better life for themselves, their family member, friend, or if they are an organisation, their participants.


Pathways to Leadership

Pathways to Leadership is a not-for-profit organisation, established as a pathway for people with a disability and their families to develop networks, enhance skills and leadership roles and further build personal capacity. This enables everyone to gain new skills and to share their knowledge and capacities with others. As the organisation has evolved it has enrolled professionals as partners and allies and directors.


Future Focus

Future Focus is a small business initiative operating within the greater Brisbane area. Future Focus aims to assist people in building community, networks and social connection by offering a specialist service that goes above and beyond what traditional service providers can do. Future Focus also offers counselling and support for behavioural issues. Please see the "services" tab for more information on specific services offered.



We provide learning opportunities, 1:1 assistance and programs that assist people with disability and their families on the journey of self-direction.

We can provide service providers with the tools, resources and methodology for families to understand and implement their role in person-centred approaches.


Staffing OptionS

Staffing OptionS is a private, fee for service agency that provides experienced, quality support staff on a temporary and contracted basis to people with disabilities and the aged across a wide range of disability, family and community support services.



We believe that people with a disability and their families should have the freedom to make their own choices and be involved in all the decision-making processes for their own lives.



Queensland Support Services & Solutions (QSSS) was developed in July 2009 and launched in January 2010 to provide:

  • In-home quality support services to people with physical disabilities throughout South-East Qld; and
  • Consultancy services, training, auditing and brokerage to community and service providers and other organisations/agencies.


Pomona Homestay

Pomona Homestay provides fully wheelchair accessible accommodation and respite services for individuals and families. Set on 8 acres near the picturesque town of Pomona, on the Sunshine Coast hinterland, it offers an escape from the everyday, with as much or as little support as you need.

Our aim is to ensure you have everything you need to enjoy a stress free holiday. We will work closely with individuals to ensure the best quality support services for those who need them while also providing a high standard of accommodation and facilities.


Pearls of Wisdom

Pearls of Wisdom


Parent to Parent

Parent to Parent is a not for profit organisation funded by Disability Services.

Parent to Parent originated from a small group of parents who have a family member with a disability. These families came together in 1998 and established Parent to Parent with funding from Disability Services. These parents have a passion to help others learn exciting and innovative ways to improve the life of their loved one with a disability.


Pave the Way

The vision of Pave the Way is that people all over Queensland who have a disability are supported and safeguarded by their family and others to have a good life now and in the future.

Pave the Way assists families and people with a disability to develop a vision for now and the future, to plan towards making that vision a reality, and to develop ways to safeguard that vision and individual when the family is no longer able to do so.



At Community Resource Unit Inc. (CRU) it is our mission to engage a broad range of people in a movement for change so that people with disability will be welcomed and appreciated as they take their place in their communities.